High Performance Sports Flooring in Pakistan

As a sports flooring company, Knoveo Solutions understands that high performance athletes need high performance floors to compete at an elite level.

Their bodies are designed to withstand repetitive twists, turns, force, and shock — they rely on their training and ability to prevent injury as much as possible, but their playing surfaces have to rise to the challenge too. Our job is to ensure that every athlete who uses a Knoveo Sports Flooring has access to the highest quality products available to the market. From elite sportspeople to primary school children, supplying sports flooring that reduces injury, micro traumas and other sports related impacts is one of the most important aspects of our quality control.

Knoveo Polyurethane Sports Floor – The Best Floor for Sports Halls & Multipurpose Sports Flooring

For activities and sports that cater for lighter body weights and lower impact play, Knoveo Polyurethane Sports Floor is ideal. These floors are low maintenance and long lasting, perfect for high traffic areas like sports halls and gymnasiums. As a (big) bonus, they’re so durable and low-maintenance they can even outlast the lifespan of most buildings and are also made from recycled materials.

From lunchtime basketball to elite level sporting tournaments, Knoveo Solutions strive to provide high quality sports flooring that delivers safety and performance for all levels of play.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Next Sports Floor

Here are our top tips when choosing a sports floor:

  1. Uniformity in the play surface. A floor that has an inconsistent playing surface will slow down play, and in turn cause injury.

  2. For high traffic multipurpose areas, Knoveo Polyurethane Sports Floor is the optimal flooring for multipurpose sports halls.

  3. Talk to an expert. It’s important to get the right advice for what you need from an experienced sports flooring professional like Knoveo Solutions.

  4. Visual impact, a little extra investment can add so much excitement and wow factor to your sports floor

Let’s chat about your next sports flooring project, contact Knoveo Solutions today at +92 300 8490698

Sports Flooring in Pakistan

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