Sports Flooring Types for Indoor and Outdoor Sports Courts in Pakistan

The world of athletics is very diverse not only because of the many different types of sports being played, but also because of the different types of surfaces used for each sport. All sports are physically demanding for athletes and like any physical activity, injuries are always a concern. One of the most effective ways to prevent sports injuries is to ensure that athletes are playing on the right type of sports flooring and surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Sports flooring types are made with special care to provide shock absorption as well as a suitable surface for each sport.

The following is a complete guide on the different types of sports flooring used for indoor and outdoor applications. If you are still not sure what type of sports surface is best for your facility, you can talk to one of our professionals at Knoveo Solutions for more information.

Indoor Sports Courts Flooring

There are a variety of sports that are played indoors including basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and track among others, and several different types of indoor sports surfaces to accommodate them. Outdoor sports surfaces must be durable enough to withstand the elements, as well as the activities of the sport, to continue to provide traction and shock absorbency. The two main types of outdoor athletic surfaces in use are track and field surfaces and artificial turf. When choosing a type of sports flooring, you must consider what the facility will be used for.

The following are the most common types of indoor and outdoor sports flooring and their uses.

Polyurethane Sports Flooring


Polyurethane is one of the most durable types of indoor athletic flooring as it can handle heavy impacts from athletes and equipment, and it is the only totally seamless sports flooring type. This flooring type is common in multi-purpose facilities in which several different sports are played. Knoveo Polyurethane Sports Floors are also highly customizable to suit any type of gym, facility, or fitness center.

SBR & EPDM Rubber Flooring


Knoveo SBR and EPDM rubber flooring can be used for many different purposes, but is especially ideal as weight room flooring and flooring for training and fitness centers. This type of flooring is one of the most economical athletic floors and it is also very durable, easy to maintain, water and stain resistant, shock absorbing, and it has a seamless appearance.

Latex Acrylic Sports Flooring

Latex acrylic sports flooring can be made on smooth and set floors such as concrete, asphalt, ceramic, or tile. Knoveo Acrylic Sports Floors can retain their elasticity for a long time. Knoveo Acrylic Sports Flooring flooring offers high-quality products that are waterproof, resistant to external impacts. Knoveo Acrylic Sports Floors, which are produced in different standard colors and custom colors, are designed to be highly durable, long-lasting, and with minimum maintenance costs.

Knoveo EPDM Running Track

Knoveo EPDM Running Track surfaces are made from EPDM rubber and Polyurethane resin materials that provide excellent traction and shock absorbency to avoid common injuries to the legs, feet, and ankles. Knoveo’s running track surfaces are also designed to effectively drain rainwater to keep the surface dry and safe. EPDM rubber for tracks is safe, durable, consistent, and easy to maintain. They are also eco-friendly as they are often made from recycled materials free of CFCs and other harmful substances, and these surfaces themselves are recyclable.

Athletics have always been a part of life from the oldest civilizations to the present day, and thanks to modern technology, manufacturers can develop high performing sports flooring and surfaces for maximum comfort and shock absorbency. When choosing a type of playing surface for your field, court, or facility, consider what sports and activities the surface will be used for, as well as your budget.

Knoveo Solutions is a leading provider of sports flooring and athletic surfaces from the top manufacturers in the industry, and we can help you choose the right type of surface to suit your purposes.

Sports Flooring in Pakistan

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