What Sports Use Rubber Flooring and Why?

Durable, resilient, and eco-friendly, rubber flooring is becoming more and more popular – and not only in commercial and educational establishments, but for various residential applications as well. Rubber flooring is most beneficial in facilities where occupant safety and comfort are of paramount importance – such as sports centers and gymnasiums.

It’s essential that sports ensure stability, absorb shocks, resist traction, and deliver exuberance – they need to be sturdy, resilient, and safe in order to guarantee optimal performance, withstand heavy traffic and repeated bettering, and safeguard against injuries. Rubber floors meet all these requirements – they’re extremely durable, offer excellent shock absorption and dimensional stability, and create a safe and comfortable environment for athletes and staff alike. It is no wonder then that rubber is the floor covering material of choice for sports facilities all over the world.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring

Knoveo Rubber Flooring is among the longest lasting, safest, and best-performing flooring options for a sports facility. It offers:

Natural resilience and shock absorption

Rubber is one of the most resilient materials available on Earth. That is why rubber flooring feels so soft and comfortable underfoot. In general, the thicker the flooring, the softer it is. Knoveo Rubber Flooring is especially beneficial in this regard as it not only absorbs even the most violent impact, but also reduces muscle stress and supports leg exertion.

Resistance to heavy impact loads

Due to its resilience and high density, Knoveo Rubber Flooring is sturdy enough to hold tons of weight without bending or breaking. Depending on the thickness, Knoveo Rubber Floor can withstand thousands of pounds of equipment, as well as high impact activity, without rips or tears. The rubber covering also offers cushioning to the equipment and protects the floor from damage and the apparatuses from breaking.

Water resistance and chemical resistance

Knoveo Rubber Flooring products are resistant to moisture and chemical attacks, which makes them resilient against staining, mold, and mildew.

Great durability

All the above properties make Knoveo Rubber Flooring strong, tough, and long lasting. When properly cared for, a rubber floor can last for several decades of daily use. What’s more, rubber surfaces are hard to gouge, scuff, or scratch, so they will look good and perform great all that time.

Excellent slip resistance

Rubber provides a good grip, so Knoveo Rubber Flooring is non-slip and helps reduce the number of slip and fall accidents.


The soft and resilient Knoveo Rubber Flooring provides excellent protection to athletes and allows for superb shock-absorption and cushioning. It meets all the standards for traction, rotation, slip resistance, surface abrasion and stability, set by major sports leagues and federations around the world. All these factors make rubber flooring one of the safest sports flooring options available on the market.

Sound absorbance

Rubber has the inherent ability to absorb sound and reduce noise, making it an ideal flooring option for high-traffic areas and cavernous spaces like gyms where sound bounces off the walls. Rubber flooring absorbs some of that sound and muffles the ambient noise, improving the efficiency and comfort of the environment.

High performance

Rubber is soft to the touch, but firm enough for athletes to run on. It has excellent force reduction and ball rebound and provides a good grip for changes in direction. Knoveo Rubber Flooring guarantees dimensional stability and withstands high impact activity, so it ranks among the best performing sports surfaces in the world.

Ease of maintenance

Rubber flooring is resistant to most staining agents, so there are very few products that can mar or discolor its surface. Besides, rubber is water-resistant and invulnerable to mold and mildew. This makes cleaning rubber surfaces quite easy – all you need to keep the floor in pristine condition is a damp mop. Keep in mind though that athletic floors need daily cleaning and don’t forget to mop the rubber flooring in your sports facility every evening, after the activities are over.

Rubber flooring provides superior comfort and safety. It is sustainable, high-performing, super shock-absorbent, easy to clean, and maintain, and incurs very low life cycle costs. Its attractive designs and patterns are compatible with today’s architectural trends and can match any aesthetic style. More importantly, Knoveo Rubber Flooring is durable, resilient, safe, and environmentally friendly – the perfect surface for an athletic flooring.

Rubber Flooring for Sports

The numerous advantages of rubber flooring make it suitable for many different kinds of sports:

  • Weight training – A weightlifting platform has to be stable, uniform, and comfortable in order to provide efficient support at the moment of maximum effort. Knoveo Rubber Flooring is the perfect flooring option for a weight room as it is dense and sturdy enough to hold the extra weight without bending, breaking, or denting, and resilient enough to provide bounce back and cushioning for dropped weights. It’s a uniform, weight-resistant flooring solution suitable even for the most intense training.

  • Fitness activities – Rubber flooring resists traction, lacerations, and heavy loads, so it is ideal for fitness centers – it is able to easily withstand the foot-traffic and the weight of heavy equipment. It is resilient and stable enough to ensure high performance and soft enough to prevent accidents and injuries. What’s more, Knoveo Rubber Flooring delivers energy and exuberance to any fitness application.

  • Running – Knoveo Rubber Flooring is ideal for jogging tracks as it is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and resilient enough not to be punctured or torn by running spikes.

  • Aerobics – Aerobics exercises involve fast, powerful, and explosive movements, which create a hard impact upon landing. Therefore, the flooring has to allow for greater shock-absorption and cushioning, offer dimensional stability, and provide excellent grip for changes in direction – this makes Knoveo Rubber Flooring the number one choice for aerobic centers;

  • Multi-purpose sports facilities – Ideal for intense sports activities, rubber flooring is the standard flooring material for any athletic facility. Basketball, badminton, volleyball, and many other sports can all be played on rubber floors, so rubber surfaces can be used as a general sports flooring. Therefore, rubber flooring is the perfect flooring solution for multi-purpose facilities that will be put to many different athletic uses.

Knoveo Rubber Flooring is also a great choice for gymnasiums, tennis courts, yoga or fitness studios, children’s playgrounds, and common areas.

Rubber flooring is very versatile and has many advantages, but you need to know your purpose when choosing a rubber sports floor. Not all activities have the same requirements: weight training needs different rubber thickness than aerobics; a busy college training facility requires greater durability and resistance to wear and tear than a small community center, even if the sports activity is the same; etc.

So, when looking for a rubber flooring for your facility, make sure you consult the specialists in order to make an informed decision. Professional installation may also be a good idea as it will guarantee the best possible results and will prolong the life of your sports flooring.

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