Knoveo Epoxy Flooring: Best Heavy-Duty Industrial Floor System in Pakistan

There are certain floors in industrial buildings that take more of a beating than others. It could be because of the types activities taking place there, the use of heavy equipment, or the amount of messes and spills. It may simply be a very busy space with excessive foot traffic, such as stairways, hallways, breakrooms, and lobbies.

Careful consideration of the industrial flooring product that is specified for these areas is critical. The challenge is identifying a solution that is durable and easy to maintain, yet still aesthetically pleasing.

Knoveo Epoxy Flooring Systems provide the functional advantages and design flexibility to create a variety of looks. Of course, there are other choices. Let’s take a look so you can compare your options.

Common Industrial Flooring Products

Concrete Flooring

It’s certainly durable and its maintenance needs are minimal, but plain concrete flooring is generally used in industrial settings or in a business going for a minimalistic look. Concrete may, however, develop unsightly cracks over time, and if unsealed can be difficult to clean.

While finishing can give polished concrete a nice appearance, design options are quite limited. Plus, if a concrete floor is not finished properly, it can be susceptible to moisture issues. On the other hand, if it is highly finished and polished, concrete floors can be slippery.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are easily damaged by moisture and require ongoing maintenance in order to keep them in top shape. Hardwood flooring needs to be refinished around every eight to 10 years, but an epoxy floor system can last 15 years or more. While hardwood works in particular settings, it probably isn’t the right choice for high-traffic areas.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring often has a lower price point than other commercial flooring options. However, there are some significant downsides to using vinyl in high-traffic areas.

One problem is commercial vinyl flooring gets damaged easily. It requires regular cleaning and maintenance. It can wear off with constant foot traffic, causing the floor to get scratched and scuffed. Seams in vinyl flooring can also create hygiene issues in some settings.

Commercial Carpeting

Speaking of hygiene concerns, unclean carpeting and carpet tiles are known for containing allergens and bacteria. End users will need to vacuum regularly and plan for regular deep cleaning. Carpet stains easily as well. Carpeting may be the right aesthetic choice in certain spaces, but it certainly isn’t ideal for high-traffic areas as it will show obvious signs of wear and require replacement.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile is aesthetically pleasing and somewhat durable, but it’s certainly not indestructible. Heavy impacts can crack the tiles. Compared to epoxy commercial floor systems, ceramic tile is more susceptible to damage and can become slippery when wet.

The Strength and Flexibility of Knoveo Epoxy Flooring

Contractors and architects are discovering the many benefits of using commercial epoxy flooring. It’s especially useful in high-traffic areas including these settings:

  • Schools (locker rooms, restrooms, classrooms, and hallways)

  • Manufacturing/industrial

  • Kitchens and cafeterias

  • Commercial garages and workshops

  • Healthcare facilities and laboratories

  • Retail stores and warehouses

  • Restaurants and coffee shops

Here’s why so many different industries find Knoveo Epoxy Flooring to be the perfect industrial flooring solution in Pakistan:

Easy to install: Knoveo Epoxy Flooring is suited for both new construction and renovations. It can be applied over most existing flat surfaces.

Low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs): A factor making installation of this industrial flooring product easy on business owners and end users is that it consists of low VOC epoxy. That means you won’t necessarily have to evacuate your business while it’s being applied. Fewer fumes means fewer headaches and better indoor air quality.

Extremely durable: Knoveo Epoxy Floor is one of the toughest industrial flooring products you’ll find. It easily handles high traffic and heavy loads, making it perfect for areas where there are large machines, tables, or vehicles rolling across it regularly. Knoveo’s Epoxy Flooring is much less likely to crack than any of the other options. It should last many years, but it can also be very easily and economically resurface when the time comes.

Easy to maintain: When keeping the floor clean is a priority, Knoveo Epoxy Flooring is a reliable choice. A regular cleaning process of sweeping and mopping is all the janitorial staff will have to worry about. When there are liquid spills in places like cafeterias, garages, restaurants, and labs, the end user doesn’t have to worry. Knoveo Epoxy Flooring is also highly stain-resistant.

Hygienic surface: The fact the Knoveo Epoxy Flooring is a seamless, non-porous industrial flooring system makes it ideal in areas where hygiene is a concern, such as schools, healthcare settings, and food preparation and processing. While carpeting and seams in tiled surfaces can harbor bacteria, an epoxy flooring solution works well in environments that should be germ-free.

Safer Surface: Creating a safe environment for workers (and customers) is on the minds of many types of industrial enterprises. “Same Level Falls” which are slips and trips as opposed to falls that happen on a staircase or an elevated walkway, are the second most-common workplace injury. Knoveo Epoxy Flooring durability helps companies avoid floor damage that could be hazardous. More importantly, it is slip-resistant. The finish of this commercial epoxy flooring can be smooth, or you can specify a more textured surface to further improve grip/traction.

Wide color selection: Knoveo Epoxy Flooring is more than a utilitarian industrial flooring option. End users and facility owners can choose from a number of color combinations. That means you can specify epoxy flooring that match a brand, school colors, or existing interiors.

Find Out More About Knoveo Epoxy Floors in Pakistan

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