What is the Best Flooring for Food Production in Pakistan?

Hygiene is vitally important when it comes to food preparation. Whether you are working in a commercial kitchen, or in food and drink production and manufacturing.

When it comes to food production, you need to install flooring that has a seamless hygienic finish. Has an anti-slip coating and is tough enough to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently.

Anti-slip In a kitchen environment, spills are inevitable and frequent, whether it is liquids, fats, or food. With the number of people working in a kitchen, plus the frenetic levels of activity needed to perform their duties, it is likely that spills may go unnoticed. Having an Knoveo Epoxy Flooring is essential in a food production environment.

Damage resistance Food production areas need floors that can withstand stringent cleaning with chemical products, hot water, and steam, not to mention accidental spills of boiling water. They also need to be resistant to the kind of scuffing and damage that comes from heavy use.

Seamless The best way to prevent the build-up of dirt and germs in food production areas is not to give it anywhere to accumulate. A floor with a smooth, seamless hygienic finish that covers the entire surface area means there are no nooks and crannies that allow unhygienic elements to hide in. The floor can therefore be quickly and efficiently cleaned to a very high standard.

The installation of Knoveo Epoxy Flooring, which can easily be applied to floors of any shape or size, ensures no cracks or gaps that could harbor dirt and bacteria.

Colorful Food production plants and restaurants now cater for many different dietary needs, which means food preparation areas need to be separated to decrease the risk of cross-contamination. Using different colored Knoveo Epoxy Flooring, you can create separate areas without losing the advantage of a seamless finish.

Easy to repair As a liquid application, any damage to Knoveo Epoxy Flooring is straightforward to repair with the repairs themselves seamless and providing the same benefits as the original installation.

Knoveo Solutions installs a variety of epoxy flooring systems that are suitable for commercial kitchens as well as food production and manufacturing facilities.

Knoveo Epoxy Flooring systems are robust enough for heavy traffic areas and have good resistance to chemicals, hot and cold liquids, and impact damage. Both provide a seamless finish and are slip resistance in wet and dry conditions.

Knoveo Solution provides specialist epoxy flooring services throughout Pakistan. Contact us at +92 300 8490698 to find out more about the best food-safe epoxy flooring solutions in Pakistan.

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